The Berghouse and Cottages perfect for road trips

The Berghouse and Cottages perfect for road trips

The open spaces around the Northern Drakensberg Mountains work for a sweet quite escape and appeals to offer a serene meditative especially thrilling to experience in the winter season for that warm sunlight or for the night fire-side magical moments

When planning your visit to the area passing from Gauteng to Durban after a long drive, too tired of driving and would like to rest along the way or you’re simply up to a mountainous exotic weekend or holiday away mode, the Berghouse and Cottages located high up in the Northern Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa is the perfect spot to be.

When standing on the window view of the cottages, you will experience amphitheatre mountain views. You will also experience unique panoramic views of the entire Central and Northern Drakensberg Mountain Peaks which provide some of the most spectacular views of the Drakensberg-Mountains in South Africa

There are numerous activities in proximity to the Berghouse and Cottages suck as hiking being the most popular. You can also visit the highest waterfall on the planet via the chain ladders while you out here. With the free Wifi available, many of the visitors in the past have always carried their work with them as the tranquil creates that perfectly fits as a worcation.