SA Tourism Board to be run by a three persons team, till further notice

SA Tourism Board to be run by a three persons team, till further notice

Minister of Tourism, Patricia De Lille will officially gazette the appointment of an interim team of three persons to manage the affairs of the South African Tourism Board until the appointment of a new Board on further notice.

The appointment which will be made under Section 16 (3) (b) of the Tourism Act, follows the resignation of seven members of the SA Tourism Board last week, including the former Chairperson Dr Thozamile Botha.

According to Minister De Lille, she wrote a letter to the then chairperson on April, asking for representation on why the Board should not be dissolved, in terms of the powers she holds under the Tourism Act.

The letter outlined a number of serious concerns, such as the conduct of the Board in respect of the Tottenham Hotspur sponsorship matter; the composition of the Board and whether the members have the necessary knowledge, experience or qualifications as required by section 13 of the Tourism Act; and certain serious allegations raised by the Acting CEO of SA Tourism regarding the lack of a proper functioning Board.

 “In my letter, I requested the SA Tourism Board Chairperson to respond to me in writing by 18 April 2023.  I asked why the three matters raised in my letter do not constitute good cause for me to dissolve the Board in terms of section 16 (3) of the Tourism Act. I have not received representations on why the Board should not be dissolved.” Minister De Lille said.

Minister De Lille further declared that the Board was no longer functional as the remaining three members of the Board cannot form a quorum.

 “In all the circumstances, I believe that good cause exists to dissolve the Board and I shall do so officially through the Government Gazette on Friday 21 April 2023.” she said.