Refinery interchange receives an upgrade

Refinery interchange receives an upgrade

The Western Cape Provincial Minister of Infrastructure Tertuis Simmers on Tuesday visited the Refinery interchange project to check the progress made so far. The province invested a sum of R271 million into the project that is set to unlock multiple future economic opportunities in the surrounding areas.

The project is aimed at improving the capacity and safe operating conditions of the Refinery interchange between TR11/1(Route N7) and Plattekloof Road. The project also completes the dualling of Plattekloof Road between Koeberg Road and the N1. This forms an integral part of the long-term development of the N7 corridor as well as the greater integrated transport network plan for Cape Town.

Construction began in July 2021 and part of the work carried out was the demolishing of the existing bridge which was insufficient for vehicles carrying high loads on the N7. The demolished bridge will be replaced with the construction of two bridges over the N7, with one dedicated to westbound traffic on Plattekloof Road and the second for eastbound traffic.

To date the project has already created several economic opportunities with 550 jobs for jobseekers in the surrounding areas receiving employment and 35% of the beneficiaries being women. In addition to these opportunities, R43 million has been reinvested in Small and Medium-Micro Enterprises (SMMEs).

Minister Simmers said the project is one of the major road projects currently underway in the province and one that is based on future-thinking as it will contribute towards boosting the economic activity on the N7 corridor.

The minister added that ever since the commencement of the project, development of commercial buildings and centers in the immediate vicinity of the project has been seen and that this will not only be beneficial to commuters but also the movement of goods and services.”

 “One of my highlights on this project is the incubation of our recent Masakh’iSizwe Bursary Programme graduate Ms. Jamie Lee Stemmet. She has been appointed in the construction monitoring staff team and is gaining firsthand experience in high-value projects,” added Minister Simmers.