Moshoeshoe 116 k’s walk done and dusted 

Moshoeshoe 116 k’s walk done and dusted 

The 2022 edition of annual Moshoeshoe Walk was graced by the young and old of different personalities and backgrounds, fit and fully determined to make the entire 116 kilometres which started from the 11-13 March in Lesotho

This historical annual event begins at the Mekhoaneng in the Leribe district, and ends at the Thaba-Bosiu Cultural Village, in the Maseru district and has been consecutive and successfully organized since 2007, attracting both local and international people.

The Moshoeshoe Walk was inspired by the Basotho King Moshoeshoe  walked as he led his people to the safety of Thabiso Bosiu natural fortress in the 19th century.

In addition, the walk looks to reawaken a thirst for self-knowledge in African youth. One of the organisers spoke about the need for young, educated people to claim African stories, and take pride in lessons entrenched in historical events such as the Lifaqane War, in which King Moshoeshoe I united different tribes as he sought refuge from war, ending up in the fortress of the Thaba Bosiu mountain.

The founder of the walk , Thabo Maretlane says that this walk is beyond the kilometre millage, but the connection made with regards to friendship, business networking as well as being physical strengthened.

“Our generation is looking at rediscovering ourselves, in making an effort to know our history, and then say Africa, your time is now. There is no way we can keep going, and come up with innovative ideas, if we don’t know who we are,” Maretlane says.

Because this is an annual event and you already feel like you can join in on the 2023 walk, be alerted of the essentials that you might need to take with.

You will need a sleeping tent and sleeping bag. you will also need proper hiking boots, socks and tights. you will need to take along a rain coat, head lamp, sanitary towels as well as snacks first aid kit and hydration packs. you may need further, a sunscreen, a beanie and some pocket money.

There are arranged trucks that carry your gear during the walk, with your cars parked at a secure starting time. there are also mattresses that can be hired from the available camp sides for your convenience.

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