Mandela Capture Site, cool spot for Gin Festival

Mandela Capture Site, cool spot for Gin Festival

Tourism KwaZulu-Natal (TKZN) has no plans to rest on its laurels as it forges ahead with its drive to keep KZN as a top-of-mind destination encouraging locals and tourists to travel to and within the province and use the Easter season to discover hidden gems and explore the best offerings as the province has it all.

The province held an inaugural lifestyle buffet event at the historic Mandela Capture Site this past weekend, with options that celebrated biodiversity, health, lifestyle and going back to a simpler life through agriculture. The event boasted 25 stalls, mostly from SMMEs who were plying their trade all day to locals and visitors alike.

There was a hive of joyous activity where Harvest and Gin Festival also took place.

Tourism KZN used this opportunity to highlight the provinces’ key tourism attractions through a Virtual Reality experience and fun-filled activities. Potential travellers also took advantage of some of the once-in-a-lifetime value for money deals that TKZN put together with members of the KZN trade.