Limpopo MEC says preservation of tradition and heritage can boost cultural tourism

Limpopo MEC says preservation of tradition and heritage can boost cultural tourism

Limpopo MEC for Sport, Arts and Culture, Nakedi Kekana has called for the preservation of tradition and heritage in order to attract tourists who have interest in cultural tourism.

“It is important because movements of persons for essentially cultural motivations such as study tours, performing arts and cultural tours, visiting sites and monuments, traveling to study nature, folklore or art, and pilgrimages will one way or another, add value to our provincial economy.” Kekana said.

The MEC was speaking during the province’s ‘Kuluma Vukanyi’ celebration event on Saturday; the event is also a preparation for the annual Marula Festival that takes place every year. Kekana also said that the procurement of the marula beer through their cooperatives for brewing and selling, can empower women in the rural areas.

“We want to see much needed economic activities that which will cascade down to the lady at the corner selling marula being prosperous, and the young lady looking to burst into the industry of selling marula beer succeed.   

“Communities need to recognise the economic power that lies with the conservation of the Marula tree and exploit all business opportunities that could change livelihoods.  My emphasis is on young black women in particular, as they remain outside of the employment structures.” said Kekana.  

The MEC said that the upcoming Marula Festival is an enterprise development programme that needs to be supported holistically.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Kuluma-Vukanyi is a traditional and ancestral clarion call to bring people together. This propitious festival is all about enjoyment, entertainment, music and above all, the preservation of our heritage and respect to one another as a people.

The MEC reassured traditional leaders that events such as the Marula Festival help to preserve the traditional heritage practices, and that government will walk along the journey.  

“We remain proud to partner with House of Traditional Leaders and Healers in ensuring that we revive the traditional ways of brewing and drinking marula beverage (vukanyi/morula) and to sustain the indigenous knowledge systems involved that is diminishing.” she said.