Krabbefontein Coffee is a tourist’ dream

Krabbefontein Coffee is a tourist’ dream

The Krabbefontein Coffee Shop located at the foot of Magoebaskloof’s, is a hidden gem that serves the best coffee money can buy. Tourists who popularly use the R71 route when visiting game farms in the North of Limpopo and the greater Kruger National Park will be glad to take a moment for the enjoyment of the roasting smell of the Krabbefontein coffee that is to die for.

Magoebaskloof itself is an ever-growing tourist destination from beer brewers to cheese factories and distilleries. The region also boasts of local tropical fruits such as avocados, bananas, mangoes and pears. The valley is also known for its tea plantations including the Sapekoe’s Middelkop Tea Estate also situated near to the R71 about 7 kilometres from Tzaneen and easily accessible. You can enjoy a cup of tea at the Pekoe View Tea Garden and drink in the views.

According to owner, Remi Anderson the aim was to develop the krabbefontein brand and name as synonymous with high Quality Coffee and the origins thereof. He also shares that the Coffee shop is closely tied into the origins of the brand story, being the early pioneers of the Tzaneen as well as Magoebaskloof agricultural development and now pioneering high quality coffee in South Africa.

“Our dream is not just to tell our coffee story but also for people to come and experience the type of coffee we sell. We also want people to experience what it takes to make it, who grows it and what it is surrounded with that makes it special.”

“Once you start digging into history everything just becomes so rich and storytelling becomes every person’ s own version and interpretation of what they see, feel and hear. This is our opportunity to seed everyone imagination and creativity.” he explains.

Remi’s motto is to ‘Dream and grow through learning what was and what could be.’

The coffee shop used to be a mill that closed down in 2010 and has not been revamped much, but just an addition-touch of sheer Tuscan elegance.

“We wanted to honour this decay and industrial history to tell stories in the minds of people. With some inspiration of what many European coffee shops do. But as with anything in life you need the soft feminine touch.” says Remi.

Young individuals and couples that just want a good time in the outdoors love to pop up in to this warm and cosy establishment. Local and international family tourists that have an urge for a weekend outing to that want to learn about coffee production and our unique location

“People still prefer cappuccino and my guess is that it is a popular coffee for the many. We do however believe there is a world to grow out there of understanding different coffee’s from different origins but also brewing and brewing techniques, from Cortados to pour overs.” remi says

The Krabbefontein Coffee Shop owner believes that coffee can be had at any time of the day, even at night if you are not planning to sleep.