King and Queen of Amandebele named after Luc Mo Wines new African Royals Edition

King and Queen of Amandebele named after Luc Mo Wines new African Royals Edition

African royals gathered in Pretoria to celebrate the launch of Luc Mo Wines ‘new Legacy Range, the African Royals Edition as well as to witness the inauguration of the kings and queens set as the first signature wine names.

Through the range, King Makhosonke II of the Amandebele Kingdom is named after the 2018 Merlot while his wife Queen Sekhothali Mabhena is named after the 2021 Chenin Blanc.

This is the first royal inauguration by Luc MoWines, proud to be part of celebrating Royal families, their lives and the legacy that they have built over time. It is also an indication of their embrace and   an articulate of their passion for the true history of the African Royals and the communities which they represent in a respectable, elegant and sophisticated manner.

The Winery offers the finest selection of wines, nurtured and processed locally on their very own mountains by South Africa’s country’s most seasoned vineyards. It also presents official wines of South African royal families that are handpicked and Approved by each King and Queen.

This female black- owned enterprise was founded in 2018 and in 2021, admitted as an executive member of the South African Liquor Brand Owners Association (SALBA)

Despite her humble beginnings starting her business informally as an agent, Founder of the Luc Mo Wines, Lucia Motloung comes into the Wine business after making tremendous impact in the Private, Public and Civil sector.

South Africa is the world’s eighth-largest producer of wine and the wine estates are part of the country’s most visited attractions. Globally, South African wines are regarded as some of the best wines in the market and they have carried the country’s brand to all corners of the world.

The Deputy Minister of Tourism, Fish Mahlalela said that Motloung was not only advocating for women to be given opportunities, but also a living example that women do not only want to be given opportunities but that they too, can create their own.

The Deputy Minister concluded that Africa month brought the continent closer with its hypnotic pulse of people, splendid in its alikeness as well as its diversity.

“During this month, the beating of the African drum reverberates deep within our souls as Africans. With its lush landscapes, majestic mountains and melting pot of cultures, the spirit of Africa and the cradle of humankind reverberate in all of us.” Deputy Minister said.