Introducing Huawei’s new Matebook D14 with Super Device features that enable creativity

Introducing Huawei’s new Matebook D14 with Super Device features that enable creativity

Huawei’s new Matebook D14 comes with Super Device features that helps a user adapt perfectly to the new technologies and enhances creativity between gadgets such like PC’S tablets and smartphones as the use technology is changing at the fastest rate in history.

Just a few years ago, working from home was something that companies offered as an incentive, calling it ‘flexible working’. In 2022, it has become equally normal to work full-time in the office, full-time from home or somewhere in between.

With a rise in flexibility comes a demand for technology that facilitates this. This includes using PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones in varying combinations at the same time. These needs are not necessarily restricted to the workplace either, given that Huawei now uses the same tools (smartphones, laptops and tablets) for both entertainment and work.

To accommodate this, forward-thinking technology companies are making a massive shift. Brands are moving from simply creating computers, tablets or smartphones to creating devices that exist as part of a greater ecosystem. By being able to seamlessly connect these devices, users are able to enjoy a more productive experience than ever before.

Leading technology company Huawei has set out a new vision of the future, where technology is unified into a single multi-device system. It begins with PCs, smartphones, tablets, and extends to headphones, speakers and even printers.

The Super Device is the practical application of Huawei’s Seamless AI Life. It breaks the barriers between the tools we use every day, making our lives exponentially easier.

The Super Device is essentially ‘created’ by connecting one compatible Huawei device with another. Through the Super Device on a Huawei PC, after designating the initial connection as a trusted device, you can actively discover and connect to your Huawei tablet, or Smartphone. Huawei’s Drag-to-connect operation is an industry first and the experience is easy and intuitive.

The concept of the Super Device is exciting, however it is important to understand the practical applications of Huawei’s vision. Once your HUAWEI nova 9 for example,  connects with the PC to form a Super Device, you can access files across devices, just like using a single device. 

This sets you free from complex file transfer processes, so you can focus on maximising productivity with less distractions. For instance, you can draft an email on your PC and easily attach a file that is saved on your tablet.