Hidden gems at Sekweneng and Sethunyeng Sites in Phiring Village

Hidden gems at Sekweneng and Sethunyeng Sites in Phiring Village

The Tufa waterfall is locally known as Sekweneng, translating to the place of the crocodile. This site is one of the best kept secrets in Limpopo and is conveniently situated near the Echo Caves.

The main rock formation is dolomite, which contains a high percentage of calcium and magnesium that results in the formation of highly porous tufa rock. The Tufa waterfall builds up over time as the calcium rich water runs over green moss to calcify as ‘limestone’ around the moss. The precipitating process is repeated resulting in an active growing and fresh green Tufa waterfall. The green moss growing on tufa rock reflects life.

This is also a place where, traditionally, holy water is collected and is therefore seen as a sacred place. Thus, respect and nurturing of biological and spiritual environment should at all times be a priority during your visit.

From the parking area you can reach the main view point going down almost 200 steps. The visit will take approximately 1 hour. However, there is also a lovely picnic spot near the ancient water reservoir.


Sethunyeng site is where, along a hiking trail through a marshy wetland and evergreen riverine forest, you will find the largest yellow wood and matumi trees ever seen. You will reach the ‘gunrock’, that is a weathered quartzite geological formation, after following an easy scrambling trail for almost 2,5 km through evergreen riverine forest.

This route will take you through the wetland which is used as grazing lands for cattle and traditional Madumbi Farming. Birdlife is abundant – sightings of Narina trogan even occurred. Along the crystal-clear streams a variety of fern species are found with delicate damselflies persching on water lilies and diversity of frog species along rocks. Those who are brave enough, can be refreshed in the pools formed by small waterfalls cascading over rocks or simply enjoy the tranquillity the space has to offer. This trail will take approximately 2-3 hours