Make a Turn by Jack Salmon Seafood & Grillhouse

Make a Turn by Jack Salmon Seafood & Grillhouse

For a coastal city, Durban somehow lacks in the seafood restaurant category, so Jack Salmon scores big with its fresh-from-the-sea-to-your-plate promise.

In keeping with the Mediterranean feel of the space, order a meze platter of olives, halloumi, calamari tubes and tentacles to start. The halloumi is grilled and then finished off on an open flame, giving the cheese a smoky golden crust which, once drizzled with fresh lemon juice, proves irresistible. The lemon butter grilled tubes are plump and tender – a sure sign that a seafood restaurant knows what it’s doing. Crumbed calamari steak fingers or grilled tubes, stuffed with prawns and skewered with peppers, also feature on the menu, along with shucked oysters and steamed mussels (when available).

A range of seafood dishes, including salads, shellfish and pasta, might make it difficult to choose, in which case opt for one of the seafood platters. The Captain’s Platter of prawns, calamari and catch of the day (which could be dorado) is recommended, or try one of their signature dishes such as the parmesan- and panko-crumbed kingklip, a delicious symphony of flavours topped with tomato salsa, olives and capers.

If you can squeeze in a dessert after that, go with the waiter’s recommendation of decadent Death by Brownie.

Credit: KZN Toursim

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